I Peter

I Peter

Peter was the apostle who spectacularly failed Jesus on the night of his betrayal, but who was restored by the Master Himself; and on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:38), it was Peter who stood up and preached, and the New Testament was birthed.  Peter’s first letter is addressed to those who were temporary residents—and probably refers to Jewish Christians, who were forced to scatter throughout the Roman provinces.  Peter primarily addresses those who are suffering for Christ.  Some form of the word “suffer” is used 16 times in this short book.  Peter focuses on how Christ did not revile those who persecuted him (2:18-25), but responded by submitting Himself to “Him who judges justly”.  Chapter three has deep insights on the marriage relationship.  And chapter five (which correlates with James 4) speaks of the necessity of humility in the face of spiritual warfare.

Here is an outline of I Peter:

I.                     The salvation of believers  (1:1-12)

II.                  The sanctification of believers (1:13-2:12)

III.                The submission of believers (2:13-3:12)

IV.                The suffering of believers (3:13-5:14)

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