Titus was a young pastor on the island of Crete.  Paul mentored him as he did Timothy.  Some key words in this letter are:  “good deeds”, used six times; “grace” (1:1, 4, 13; 2:10, 13 and 3:15).  Chapter two is a very important passage dealing with relationships within the church.

Here is an outline of Titus:

I.                     Salutation and opening greetings (1:1-4)

II.                  Ordination of elders in the church (1:5-9)

III.                Offenders in the church (1:10-16)

IV.                Operation in the church (2:1-3:11)

V.                  Final instructions and greetings (3:12-15)


"Ministering to the pastors of Africa"