The Book of Ephesians


The Book of Ephesians does not appear to attempt to address any specific problem; rather this book sets forth the glorious mystery of “The Church, which is Christ’s Body”:  Christ the Head, and believers as co-members of one another, blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.  It is clear that Paul wanted to expand the mind of believers regarding their wealth in the riches of Christ.  The great Chinese Christian leader Watchman Nee wrote a commentary of this book with three words:  Sit, Walk, Stand.  Also, in Ephesians are two great prayers for Christians, found in 1:17-23, and 3:16-21.

Chapter one does more in describing the position of the Christian believer than perhaps any other place in the New Testament.  Ephesians 5:21-33 is the most expansive text on marriage in the New Testament.  And Ephesians 6:10-20 contains the most exhaustive teaching on spiritual warfare in the New Testament.

Here is an outline of Ephesians:

I.                    Salutation or greeting (1:1-2)

II.                  The Doctrinal Portion of the Letter, the Wealth and Calling of the Church (1:3-3:21)

III.                The Practical Portion of the Letter; the Walk and Conduct of the Church (4:1-6:24)

A.       The Believer’s Walk in Unity (4:1-16)

B.      The Believer’s Walk in Righteousness (4:17-5:18)

C.      The Believer’s Walk in the World (5:19-6:9)

D.      The Believer’s Walk in Warfare (6:10-20)

E.       Conclusion (6:21-24)


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