The Book of Colossians


It is clear that Colossians addressed a major concern of the Apostle Paul:  namely, the specter of Gnosticism.  The Gnostic heresy denied the divinity of Christ, and in this book, there is a towering defense of Jesus Christ’s divinity (see 1:15-20).  But there are other significant portions as well.  Chapter two reveals how the believer is complete in Christ, and needs nothing added to the finished work of Christ.  Chapter three then builds on this to show Christ’s power in relationships.

Here is an outline of Colossians:

I.                     Doctrinal:  The Person and Work of Christ (1:1-2:3)

II.                  Polemical:  The Heretical Problems in light of Union with Christ (2:4-3:4)

III.                Practical:  The Practice of the Believer in Christ (3:5-4:6)

IV.                Personal:  The Private Plans and Affairs of the Apostle (4:7-18)



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