The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark does not (in the earliest manuscripts) actually bear the name of Mark.  It was a later addition.  However, there is convincing evidence that Mark, who was a known companion of the Apostle Peter, is in fact, the author.

This Gospel is the shortest of the four, and Mark seems to be action oriented.  His use of “immediately” or “at once” occurs more than 40 times in this Gospel.  Mark writes to a Roman or Gentile audience.   Mark 10:45 is a theme verse: “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give His life as a ransom for many”.  As Mark emphasizes the actions of a servant, he only mentions 17 out of 70 parables (teachings), but he includes more than half of Christ’s 35 miracles.  The following outline focuses on the “Servant” emphasis in Mark:

I.                    The Preparation of the Servant for Service (1:1-13)

II.                  The Preaching of the Servant in Galilee (i:14-9:50)

III.                The Preaching of the Servant in Perea (10:1-52)

IV.                The Passion of the Servant in Jerusalem (11:1-15:47)

V.                  The Prosperity of the Servant in Resurrection (16:1-20)

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